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Looking for Patina!

Here at JustNow designs Home we are always on the look out for inspiration in nature, shape and form and vintage, worn and weathered. Something that catches our eye and triggers our senses, a pleasing shape or an interesting pattern will always do the trick.

Sometimes it is just the way light plays with shapeVintage suitcase catch and lock close up showing patina

or it might be the weathering the worn used look the patina!

Patina, Drew Pritchard from the television series Salvage Hunters is always referring to the Patina. Top Dollar is always forthcoming if an item has suitable patina.

What exactly is patina? According to the Oxford Dictionary it refers to Incrustation usually shaded to green on the surface of old bronze, esteemed as ornament, similar alterations on other surfaces such as gloss produced on old woodwork, aged patina.

This weekend we came across a vintage suitcase that had certainly traveled. It's leather handle was very worn and starting to deteriorate and the metal locks had the idyllic green encrusting that certainly qualified as patina, now it might not be the right patina for Drew Pritchard but it certainly appealed to us.

Moving in close to isolate the metal locks and catches enabled us to focus on the said patina showing off its full beauty and charm.

Hope you agree.

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