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Spring Clean!

Okay so it's not every ones favorite job but sometimes it just has to be done and all the better for it!  Sorting out, tidying up and what better time than Spring for a good sort out...A Spring Clean!

If you are anything like me I tend to save things you just never know when it may come in useful, what ever it may be but sooner or later all these saved little treasures have to be sorted.....well I tend to do a certain amount of joinery and always hang onto to the odd screws that tends to be left over putting them diligently away till needed for the next task and yes sometimes they do get used. With this in mind I was recently sorting out my late fathers work shop and yes he saved things too!

Box's of nails, screws, brackets and fixings of every shape and size, years of saving all carefully put away, unfortunately old screws and nails tend to rust and deteriorate so eventually they just have to go! Sorry Dad.

And of course the same applies to the home sooner or later a good tidy, sort out, Spring clean what ever you need to call it has to be done but believe me it does give a certain amount of satisfaction once finished! 

All this sorting does make more room for more little treasures though!

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