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Burning candles or are you just setting fire to your money?

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Getting the most from your candles or are you simply just setting fire to your hard earned cash everytime you light a scented candle!

Let's face it quality candles are not cheap but we do love them so much, what's nicer than entering a room and seeing the enticing warm glow of lit candles as the fragrance gently transports you to a favourite time and place. Linger and enjoy for a while.

So when you have purchased your favourite candle it makes sense to get the maximum amount of burntime and pleasure from it.

What do you look for when choosing a candle, it has to be the fragrance surely! Fragrance is paramount in our choosing and is so very personal, what appeals to one person will not be anothers choice!

But once you have your fragrnce selected do you ever consider what type of wax the candle is made from? Do you know that not all wax's are equal and at this time of environmental awareness it makes sense to choose a natural wax that is a renewable resource and can be replaced. There is now a huge swing towards natural wax's made from soy beans, coconut or rape seed to name a few.

Soy is the choice of many artisan candle companies burning cleaner and burning at a lower temperature than oil based parrafin wax, meaning it will last longer and not be filled with toxins and generally free from smoke and soot deposits. Soy is a renewable resource grown in large quantities and is made from the oil extracted from the soybean.

You may ask  'if paraffin wax is so bad why do companies still use it'. Because it is cheaper to produce, it is a byprduct from the petroleum industry, its easier to wick in a candle and is much easier to acheive a finished candle. It can in some cases hold a slightly higher scent loading than natural wax but when it burns it burns at a higher temperature than a natural wax candle so does not last as long which equates to you using more candles which equals more profit for the candle companies and oil industry!

So it makes a lot of sense to look for a 100% soy wax candle or a natural wax candle it will tend to burn longer and cleaner for your money! Here at JustNow designs Home our 'Scent of the Dales' candles are all made with 100% soy wax.

Before lighting your candle everytime trim the wick to around 5mm 1/4 of an inch place the candle on a heat proof level surface away from soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions and anything that will set alight.

Make sure it is well out of reach of children and pets.

Away from draughts from doors and windows anything that will make the flame surge will burn up wax shortening the overhaul burntime.

On your first burn allow enough time for the burn pool to reach the outer edges of the container this can be two to three hours.

If your candle has multiple wicks light all of them, not lighting one does not mean the candle will last longer it will only create an uneven burn pool potentially shortening the life of the candle.

Space multiple lit candles as the heat from one will effect others next to it. Spacing of around 10cm is usually recomennded.

Candle containers get hot when lit never touch a lit candle container you may receive a burn. Extinguish and allow to cool and solidify before moving.

Do not use the lid of a container candle to extinguish the trapped smoke inside will be absorbed by the melted wax and it will compromise the fragrance.

To extinguish use a candle snuffer or dip the wick using a wick dipper.

Following these few simple tips will help you get the most from your scented candles and enjoy the benefits they offer for the maximum amount of time.

Getting the most from your candle purchase and enjoy knowing you are not burning your money unnesercerally!

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