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There is a slight chill in the air.

Autumn Candle candles colors Colour Fall leaves natural wax candle

Have you noticed it yet but there is a chill in the air in North Yorkshire which means the evenings are getting colder and it wont be long before the leaves start to change to the gorgeous colours that Autumn brings and start to gently fall to the ground.

I understand that when the leaves change colour its because the tree has stopped growing and does not require the energy (sugars) that the leaves provide so the excess sugars in the leaves ferment and it is that process that brings the oranges, yellows and gorgeous browns that we associate with Autumn.

There is something quite magical about walking through fallen golden leaves the sight, sound and even the smell all bring back childhood memories and it is necessary to kick them into the air and watch them swirl back to the ground.

So as the Autumn months slowly approach it is time to get ready to appreciate the amazing colours of Autumn.


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  • Ruby on

    As much as I do not like colder weather, autumn is beautiful, thank you for reminding me with your lovely pictures.x

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