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Highly scented wax melts for beautiful home fragrance

highly scented melts home fragrance wax melt snap bar wax melts

Over the last few years the popularity of wax melts has grown year on year and there is certainly no denying there are some wonderful fragrances to be discovered.

Mixed wax melt highly scented snap bars from JustNow designs

But what makes a good wax melt? Well first let us explain what exactly wax melts are and how they are used.

Wax melts are made with scented wax similar to a candle but without the wick. They are used in conjunction with a wax melter. Wax melters are available in two versions they can be electric or used with a unscented t-light to heat and melt the wax melt releasing the fragrance into the surrounding environment. 


Over the years we have purchased many wax melts from some very well known companies and it occurred to us that the quality of melts varies considerably. 

A wax melt [made with essential oils or fragrance oils] should be well packaged and fully labeled which complies with current CLP regulations. Packaging should offer protection and preferably be made with recycled materials and be fully recyclable.

The wax melt should be hard enough to handle without the wax melting onto your fingers and when a piece is broken off it should do so with a nice clean snap. The fragrance should be noticeable whether delicate or strong. It should be a clean smelling fragrance and the smell of the wax or grease should not be noticeable.Highly scented wax melt snap bars with ceramic t-light melter from JustNow designs.

The type of wax mineral or vegetable does not really have any consequences on melts and the immediate surroundings as unlike a candle the wax is not being burned but only melted to release the fragrance molecules from the wax and most of the wax will be left minus the scent at the end.   

Many wax melts are embellished with glitter [which should be biodegradable] flower petals and crystals. All these embellishment's are for decoration and in no way interfere with the scent release from the wax melts.

Close up of colourful highly scented wax melt snap bars from JustNow designs

We like to use a t-light candle melter for our melts as it is the quickest way to release fragrance from the melt. Always try and use a melter designed for wax  and not one for oils. Wax melters do not use water and oil burners do.  Obviously safety precautions need to be observed when using a t-light candle that has an open flame.

Never leave a lit candle unattended,

Keep well away from soft furnishings and combustible materials.

Always keep well away from children and pets.

Extinguish and allow to cool before moving,

Never burn longer than three to four hours.

Wax melters are more efficient at scenting a space than candles they release scent quicker and once lit and melting they release their scent within a few minutes.

JustNow designs wax melt snap bars are made up of five sections each piece is capable of releasing between 8 to 12 hours of fragrance.

Mixed highly fragranced wax melt snap bars from JustNow designs

When the melt has released all its scent and is finished the solidified wax can be released by placing the melter in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes then gently place a knife under one edge and the wax should pop out in a solid piece allowing a new fragrance to be used.




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