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Spring Clean!

Okay so it's not every ones favorite job but sometimes it just has to be done and all the better for it!  Sorting out, tidying up and what better time than Spring for a good sort out...A Spring Clean! If you are anything like me I tend to save things you just never know when it may come in useful, what ever it may be but sooner or later all these saved little treasures have to be sorted.....well I tend to do a certain amount of joinery and always hang onto to the odd screws that tends to be left...

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Hopefully we have got through the worst of the winter weather and okay I know up here in the Yorkshire Dales we can still get snow at the beginning of May but at least we know it's not going to be around for long!..... Spring is a wonderful time of year, new lambs running in the fields, birds beginning to serenade us in the mornings and new growth on tree's and in the garden Snowdrops are at their best, Daffodils are starting to bring sunshine into the world and new buds on all the shrubs are ripening.  Anticipation of long...

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Coastal Inspiration

Inspired by the coast... Painting furniture is a wonderful way to introduce the coastal feel to any room. Here we have painted an old basket chair in a white chalk paint complimenting it with two coastal cushions Salt Rock I & II (£34.99 ) sumptuously filled with soft duck feathers. Completing the look with a lime washed wooden floor, simple elegance for a timeless coastal feel. Introduce blue, soft shades of grey and white add glass jars with candles and seashells.

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Looking for Patina!

Here at JustNow designs Home we are always on the look out for inspiration in nature, shape and form and vintage, worn and weathered. Something that catches our eye and triggers our senses, a pleasing shape or an interesting pattern will always do the trick. Sometimes it is just the way light plays with shape or it might be the weathering the worn used look the patina! Patina, Drew Pritchard from the television series Salvage Hunters is always referring to the Patina. Top Dollar is always forthcoming if an item has suitable patina. What exactly is patina? According to the...

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Salt Rock I & II

Coastal look summerhouse with simulated lime washed floor and up-cycled basket chair painted with a creamy white mix of chalk paint with Salt Rock I & II cushion to compliment.....hear the waves, smell the salty air.....sit and relax.

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